How to support us?


Wondering how to help us grow? Instead of donating money, consider donating your time. Nonprofit organizations cannot function without volunteers, and volunteering your time once per month will help us grow. Joining us during our weekly events makes us pay you back by providing you better physical, mental and relational health.

Our hiking community provides you an opening gate through a whole new way of life that you will enjoy by meeting new people, enhance your communication with friends, enhance your physical and mental health just by helping and being helped by others around you.


Want to make a difference in the world around you, want to help our mission expand in the whole world? One of the easiest way to do so is by supporting us make a new branch in a new country or state. If you are interested and need to know more about what to offer and what we can offer back, please contact us directly online through the form below, or call us directly on +961(3)582 084.

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