Hiking from Hawka till Deir Mar Licha

Hiking from Hawka till Deir Mar Licha

Hiking from Hawka till Deir Mar Licha

This hiking price will be 30,000 LL (20$)
Weather is sunny with slightly clouds.
Temperature is expected to be between 31C and 28C

We will start from Haouqa, Liban-Nord, Lebanon. Haouqa which we chose to be our first point we start hiking is 123 kilometers (76.4322 mi) away from Beyrouth (Beirut) the capital of Lebanon. Its a very nice place to spend a whole weekend in.

950m is the height where we will start our hiking event to reach a waterfall that is too weak at this time of the year. We will continue descending walking through the wonderful nature that is filled with pine trees all over our path.

We will pass by Mgharet Saydet 7aw2a and Saint Marina until we finally reach Dair Mar Licha which will be our final step.

In general, the hike will be easy/medium. Nothing hard will happen. We will be hiking in a medium speed and it will take us around 3:30 hours to finish.

Our event will take around 10 - 11 hours all in all.

08:30 am sharp we Leave CIT - Dora
09:15 am we have breakfast for (20 - 30 mins)
11:30 am we arrive to the spot we should start
03:00 pm we finish the hike
03:30 pm we move back to CIT - Dora to finish.

(come healthy, stay healthy and bring a small backbag on your back)
That's all you need, nothing more)