Tourism & Hiking in Armenia, Day 06

Tourism & Hiking in Armenia, Day 06

Tourism & Hiking in Armenia, Day 06

This year we will go hiking and tourism in Middle to North Armenia. Our vacation is almost full of many things we do per day and here are the full details you need to check.

PERIOD BETWEEN: September 20th to 27th of 2019
HOTELS: 4 stars (names to be given later)
MEAL PLAN: Breakfast, Lunch (restaurants and boxes) and dinners all included.
TRANSPORT: Mercedes Sprinter 18 seats max.

20.09- Day 01
Arrival. Transfer from airport. Arrival in Yerevan International airport "Zvartnots". Meeting with the driver and guide then transfer to the hotel.

21.09- Day 02

Trip to Ararat valley. Tour of Khor Virap monastery (XVII), the translation from Armenian is "deep hole", into which the future first Catholics of the Armenian Apostolic Church, St. Gregory the Illuminator, had been abandoned for many years. The monastery is located in front of the Biblical Mount Ararat (5165m.). From the walls of the monastery you can discover panoramic views of the majestic mountain. The route passes among the picturesque mountains and canyons toward Noravank Monastery (XII-XV centuries.). In the territory of the monastery there are many khachkars (cross-stones) survived. Among them you can see khachkars of the year 1308 made by Momik. There you can also find the kachkar created in the memory of the chief architect of the monastery, Momik. Before the trip stop for lunch near the food court. Later on, a trip to Carahunge.

Zorats Karer is also known as Carahunge, Karahunj, Qarahunj. It is located in an area of around 7 hectares and covers the site nearby the Dar river canyon, close to the city of Sisan. The ancient site is often called the ''Armenian Stonehenge'', but the truth of what it is may be even more fascinating. According to researchers, Zorats Karer could be among the world's oldest astronomical observatories, and is at least 3,500 years older than British Stonehenge. After exploring Karahunj trip to Goris. Overnight at the hotel Goris. In the evening, dinner in the hotel restaurant.
- Lunch –Stop at the food court of Yeghegnadzor for lunch.

22.09- Day 03
GORIS - Khndzoresk - an old Khndzoresk watchtower-TATEV . Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Khndzoresk. Proceed to Khndzoresk which is famous for its antique cave dwellings, which have been used up to 1950s. From ancient times people lived in these rocky hills, constructing artificial shelters and places for food storage. The two banks of the canyon are linked with a long bridge, built in 2012.

The length of the bridge is 160 m. The route passes through the caves of the abandoned houses, and we will see two churches, one on the other side of the gorge passing through a bridge, giving the adrenaline a big group. After a hiking tour we return to the Tatev Monastery. We reach the monastery via the «Tatever» cable car. After exploring the monastery return to the hotel. Free time. In the evening, in the restaurant.

The length of the route is 3.5 km
Launching from New Khndzoresk to 1500m
We go down 1260 m
We are raising the viewing point 1350 m
- Lunch- lunch box day

23.09 - Day 04
GORIS- SELIM- LAKE SEVAN - DILIJAN Breakfast at hotel check out. Drive to Lake Sevan via the Selim Pass to the Caravanserei (built in 1332 at 2410 m height). Followed by the visit to the Khatchkars (stone crosses) collection of Noraduz. Drive to Lake Sevan, one of the few highly located big lakes (1900 m above sea level) in the world – presenting a nice Peninsula with the beautiful IX century churches of Sevanavank, viz. St. Astvatsatsin and St.

Arakelots. Lunch in penisula at the lake side on reuest. Drive to Dilijan. Dinner and overnight in Dilijan (Best Western Paradis or similarly).

- Lunch – lunch box day

24.09 - Day 05

Drive to Parz (Crystal) Lake to start the hike in Dilijan National Park along stunning forest trails, cross the wildly beautiful Areguni pass and reach Goshavank Monastery where the great scholar of the 13th century Mkhitar Gosh is buried. Lookout for morning birds that are particularly active at this time, explore the enchanting nature of the park as we take a gentle walk on well-defined forest trails. For those with more energy to burn we offer a short but absolutely fantastic walk to Lake Gosh above Goshavank. End the day with a drive to Dilijan, a small town that captures the spirit of rural Armenia and check in at our hotel. Evening visit to newly-opened Old Dilijan complex on historic Shamambertan str. Lunch during the hiking on requerst. After hiking drive to Ijevan. Stop at Apapga Resort.

Apaga Resort has a lot of entertainment services. You can organize a horse tour, go on a zip line, etc. You can take all the services at the resort. The zip-line payment is included already and it can be replaced by another game, but if you want to play other games in addition to zip-line, extra payment will be added.

After return to Apaga resort, in the evening dinner at the resort restaurant. Overnight in Apaga resort cottages.

- Lunch- in a restaurant

The length of the route is 7 km
Launch from the lake 1320
High point 1550
We go to Goshavank 1240

25.09 - Day 06

After breakfast Start Hiking tour. Hiking tour starts with Apaga resort and the pathway passes through foliage forests, and the waterfalls of the Khachaghbyur River are wonderful. There are also tree houses and tables where you can have lunch. After the tour we return to Apaga resort. We take our baggage and return to Yerevan.

The road leads through Lori region. In the evening diner in restaurant in Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan.

The length of the route is 6km
Launch Future Resource 1350 m
We go to Khachaghbyur River waterfalls, 1140 m
Ending, we return to the Future 1350 m
- Lunch – on our way

26.09 – Day 7
YEREVAN – “Ararat” brandy factory – GARNI - GEGHARD – YEREVAN

After breakfast start tour to Brandy Factory, to get acquainted with the history of brandy making in Armenia, follow its production phases and enjoy the delicious taste and flavor of different kinds of ARARAT brandies just from the first hand. Continue to explore Armenia, you will visit the Garni village and see the iconic Temple of Garni — widely considered the country’s most important symbol of pre-Christian Armenia and admire the classical Hellenistic architecture you find. In Garni you will hike to the Gorge, which is an incredible place. This gorge is made of multiple basalt columns carved out by the river and is called Symphony of the Stones. Enjoy breathtaking views over Mt Ararat on route to the UNESCO–listed monastery complex of Geghard. Outside of the monastery you can find some caves and ruins, you can climb up to this caves and be sure it’ll be quite interesting. Lunch in the village of Garni with the master class baking the national bread – lavash ( on request). Drive back to Yerevan. In the evening diner in restaurant in Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan.
- Lunch - Garni tun restaurant (on request)

27.09 - Day 8
TRANSFER TO THE AIRPORT - WALKING CITY TOUR: Cascade, Opera House, Republic Squere, Vernisage

Breakfast at hotel. Check-out. Transfer to Yerevan-Zvartnots airport. Before leaving, we can do a small walking tour of Yerevan: stop near the Cascade, thence a walking tour to the famous places of Yerevan: the Opera House, Hyusisain avenue, Republic Square.

Then walk on Vernissage - a market of handmade craftsmen, where you can buy art works, objects of applied art - souvenirs, ornaments, handmade carpets, and paintings with Armenian landscapes, national musical instruments, dolls, wood, stone, clay, ceramics, silverware and other materials. After transfer to the airport.
- Final Lunch restaurant on our way

Total Price per person includes:
- Tickets Beirut/Yerevan and Yerevan/Beirut.
- Visa for Armenia tourism.
- Insurance for 8 days Hiking/Tourism in Armenia.
- Pullman with us all 8 days.
- Transfers and transportation for all 8 days as per written above.
- Driver and English speaking guide for all 8 days.
- 4 Stars hotels including Breakfast.
- Lunch (Restaurants, Lunch box) and dinner all included.
- All entrance fees according to the places we visit written above.
- Final day tips for the driver and guide all included as well.

To know the price please contact us on: 03.582084