Snowshoeing in Bakish - Northern Maten

Snowshoeing in Bakish - Northern Maten

Snowshoeing in Bakish - Northern Maten

(Event costs 55,000 LL Rackets included or 35,000 without Rackets)
(this includes: Pullman transportation, Professional Guides, Rackets if snow was high and Professional Photographer)
For more info, call: Theo 03.582084

(breakfast will be in Al-Hanoun in Bekfaya)

(lunch will be decided later)

The Qanat Bakish is known for the quality of its snow and the fact that it is one of the least crowded ski resorts in the area. This is why we choose Bakish for snowshoeing every year.

The old village of Qanat Bakish is one of the best preserved old Lebanese towns, keeping most of its original architecture and green spaces, a hidden treasure worth discovering.

Bakish height is around 1800km
Our hike will be around 2.5 hours
We will move slowly up till 8 km
The level is Medium/Medium for hikers
it might be harder for beginners

All hikers will be given 2 snow shoes and 2 walking poles with good condition. They shall return them back both in same condition otherwise they will have to pay the price for fixing the snowshoes or buying new ones.

For any information needed please call Theo at 03.582084