Event: Zahle District in Bekaa Province.

Taanayel, Wine Tasting & Christmas Lunch

Sunday 23rd December, 2018

- Event costs 70,000 LL for Adults.
- Cost for 9 years old till 15 costs 50,000 LL
- 8 years or younger it's FREE

(this includes: Pullman Transportation, Wine Tasting, Open Lunch, and Professional Photographer)
For more info, call Theo 03.582084
Or email: info@we-are-hikers.com

(eating/drinking except water is not allowed in the Pullman)

Our first stop will be at 10:00am and head for breakfast in Taanayel. If the weather was not rainy, we will spend around 1 hour where we see how they manufacture their dairies and check the Farm. Visiting Taanayel Farm will be one of the most amazing places their.

Once we are done we head to KSARA Wineary to watch a quick movie concerning how they started the winery until now. For those who love to taste wine will enjoy 30 mins of wine tasting their before we pass by their shop in case any of us wanted to buy anything before we leave.

After KSARA we will go do another visit to Heritage to hear their history and do wine tasting before going to the restaurant to have full open lunch.

For more information contact us via Facebook or phone 03.582084 or email info@we-are-hikers.com

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We Plugin, You Hike

Hiking and computers seem like two entirely different worlds, but the internet connects outdoor fanatics every day. So every hike you join us with, we will send you full information and pictures about the whole day we spent with you. We expect you to sign-up on our website to be able to provide you with all the data about the previous hikes you joined us with.


WaH usually prefers being friends with guides around the area we will be hiking to be introduced by him to the people we pass by. Despite the fact that we have a few personal trails for us we always like that some guide from that area to join us. Having a guide with us will help us know the area more and more. Guides usually know lots of information about the weather in that area, trees, water and information about the history as well.

Preventing Hiking injury

Warm weather and outdoor exploring are here. Hiking is a great exercise and great fun sports, especially if you keep yourself safe and injury free. Before heading, make sure that you are physically capable of going on a hike. If you suffer from arthritis or other joint conditions, check with your doctor first. In the end, we have a fully conditioned First-Aid kit. We want you to tell us everything happened in case you had any problem while hiking or even before hiking.

Tips for Photographers

Even the most experienced hikers can get blisters on their feet. Unfamiliar terrain and inclines add more stress to footgear. Make sure your camera is protected very well, or put it in the bag when not needed and in the end listen to us since we have enough experience in hiking and taking shots with the Camera.