About us here you can see everything about We Are Hikers team.

Below you should see pictures and information about our team at WaH | We are Hikers. Of course, the information you read on this website are 100% correct and WaH | We are Hikers is officially responsible for only the information written or modified on this website.

Our activities are officially "Hiking" and "Snow Shoeing" accompanied by "First-Aiding" in case any injury happened to anyone while hiking, we are a full team to protect and help each other. Our plan for the whole year around is the following:

  • Hiking Modern for all ages, males and females
  • Hiking Easy and Visiting Touristic Places
  • Tough Hiking for sports lovers
  • Snow Shoeing in the Winter
  • Visiting Amazing Villages in Lebanon

I did a lot of hiking and I loved it.

Ashley Judd

Meet Our Team

  • Theodore Abi-Mansour
    Events Creator and Photographer

    Theodore is a great, fun photographer who handles the event fully in a professional way and keeps all hikers enjoy their day. In the end, yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

  • Marwan Khayat
    Field Coordinator and F-A Saviour

    Marwan Khayat is an extreme hiker and a Free climbing expert. Marwan is a nature lover and most of all he is one of the hiking field coordinators and First-Aid and CPR rescuer from St. John Hospital in Toronto.

  • Scarlett Abi Mansour
    Nature Lover

    Scarlett is an enthusiastic nature lover. She helps during the hiking event and takes care of anyone in need. She makes sure that all of the hikers are enjoying their day. After all, every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.

  • Anthony Moutran
    King of the Mountains

    Surnamed as the king of the mountains, Anthony is a tree hugger full of adrenaline helpful and ready for all circumstances, who enjoys hiking and all kinds of outdoor activities. After all, the world is ours to discover.

  • Rita Estephan
    Wilderness Wanderer

    Wanderluster and a believer in the beauty of sunshine and smiles. Rita is passionate about hiking, she is full of energy and enthusiasm. If you're looking for motivation giver; you know where to find her. Probable she'll be there climbing a mountain.

  • Eliana Hamoush
    Never Give-up

    Never give-up. Eliana masters her thought lets go of all negativity that may hinder her, embraces her dreams walks confidently through storms defies the wind of darkness, leaves everything behind and hikes, hikes always hikes.